Our magical moment, it is now.

One day, out of the blue..

My youngest one, 2 years old, picked a toy and showed it to me and said “auto”…then he showed it to our helper and said “car”.

I was so surprised. He acknowledge that people can speak different language!

I know that children learn a new language very fast but I didn’t know it can be that fast.

Also, my eldest.. one day he said “I can speak 4 languages, dank je wel, terima kasih, thank you and salamat po!” then start singing happy birthday in tagalog

He can switch from dutch to english right away.

He starts to observe how people live here and what is the different than in Zwolle.

“It is really good here, I don’t have to wear winter jacket!”

“The skin of the people are different. They have brown skin, like you, mama!. Why is that? Why your skin is brown?”

“Why I don’t go to school with bike anymore?”

“Why people use car to go everywhere?”

“He is our driver. What is driver actually? Is this car belong to our driver?”

Such an amazing questions that I never thought he would ask when he is 4 years old!

Well, my American friend will say “Amazeball!” Aha…

Living in another country, gives them a lot of new insight about the world!

Most people, who live in this same area as us, are having the same situation like us. Philippines is not their home country and the kids have a chance to grow up here and experience their life as a third-culture kid!

Third culture kid (TCK) are terms used to refer to children raised in a culture other than their parents’ (or the culture of the country given on the child’s passport, where they are legally considered native) for a significant part of their early development years.[1] They are exposed to a greater variety of cultural influences.[2] (source : wikipedia)

When they meet up with another third-culture-kid, they can right away play together. They mingle easily. There is no language issue nor habit issue. No thought like “oh he is a foreigner”.

I love that !


Maybe they won’t have a very deep roots with their home town.

Maybe they won’t have the same friends from elementary school.

Maybe they won’t graduate with the same friends as they have in pre-school.

Maybe they don’t follow any news about their neighbour in their back home-country.

Maybe they know nothing about what actually happened in their old school.

…and it is perfectly fine! because…

They have a very wide roots, all over the place. They can grow beautifully every where.

They have friends everywhere all over the place and not being afraid to engage relationship with another people from different country.

They have a wider open minded perspective.

They know that people might speak different language but it is not frightening for them!

They can engage any conversations with any types of people, from any countries and they can ask many kinds of questions about the world. They get a lot of insights from many different people.

Yes. They will meet a lot of “Good Bye” but they surely do have a lot of beautiful foot prints in every friendship they make.

They will have a lot of “Hello” and “How are you” and “Can we be friends!”.

No place in this earth is TOO FAR for them.

They know that their life is not surrounded by the town they were born but it is surrounded by the spirit that the world is amazing and beautiful to be seen, to be felt, to be touched, to be lived in.

Those are a magical phase.

Those are our magical moment and that moment is NOW.

I feel so blessed that I and my husband can actually provide this golden opportunity for them.

…and when they look at the globe, they can actually feel and imagine how other people live in different country and their perspective is not only from television or newspaper.

The world is such an amazing creation and I am glad that they can feel it, even still a little bit..

I am so proud of them. The world doesn’t scare them away.

I trully love our global international life together. I love us, kiddos.

Let’s doing more adventures! Let’s embracing this expat life!


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