….but I am still your friend.

This morning, once again..

I get this question “Heb je zin in?” (Are you looking forward?)

I am a very expressive person. I can not hide what I feel.

So with a big smile, a big eyes.. I reply “Yes!”.

Backward a month ago, when I received a message that this is going to happen, my reaction was crying..

I cried on the shoulder of my dearest friend, Willemein.

I felt “oh… again..”.

Then.. after learning what would be like, what should be done, get so many informations about will happen and get a lot of supports… I feel 180 degrees different. I feel excited.

Not everyone can have this kind of life!

Some people said “What nice!! I envy you.”

Some people said “Ohh.. lastig. heftig” (Oh..difficult, heavy)

But mostly the reply is “Nice!”….. and the next reply will be “We will miss you so much.”

I will miss you guys also so much!

But this is (only) 3 years of moving to Manila, Philippines as an expat assignment from my husband’s work and we will be back here again after that (maybe…..haaa! joking).

We had an expat assignment before when we lived in Indonesia together, for 3,5 years, then we moved here in The Netherlands, for 3 years, and then we will go to Philippines also for 3 years… all under the same company.

When?… soon…in 2,5 months.

One of my good friend, Sandra… said to my husband that she really concerns about me..

I just open my catering, succesfully mingled in this society, have a good relationship with neighbours, build a life again and people start to know who I am… now..I have to move again.

but the things is.. I have done this before and I can do it. (Logically I can do it again, right?)

I moved here to Zwolle, I manage to have a great social life, work, friendship, networking.

I (think) can do it again. πŸ™‚

The good thing is, we will live as an expat… so we get support by the company, from the school, the house, the visa, even they have a cultural awareness training for us, a special program for the spouse (me!) and also additional education program for our kids to make sure that their level of development is the same as what dutch education expect so they won’t have any difficulty when we move back here again, additional dutch course for our sons and for me, and also I had a chance to do pre-visit in Manila to check the house, the school and meet up with some expats and I will get a study budget!.

Basically they want to make sure that we, as a family won’t have any difficulties in moving and adjusting with new culture…. in another words: they will give any support so that the assignee can work smoothly and his family can adjust easily.

So, that is slightly different than the first time I moved here. πŸ™‚ I am here as an immigrant who live here maybe forever. There in Manila, I am an expat partner who won’t live there forever.

and.. Manila is super great ! The people are very friendly. The country is clean. The house is great. The International School that our sons will attend is TOP!

I have to say “I am looking forward to have this journey!”.

I’ve ever lived before in Australia, Indonesia, The Netherlands and then becoming a mother of two in The Netherlands, and I will have another adventures in Philippines. What a great experience it will be!Β Although nowadays my heads fills with a lot of beautiful friendship memories that I build here.

It is kinda a mixed feeling.

I feel super excited but I feel also a bit melancholic.

A good friends who was before my language coach and now becoming my very dearest friend. She is recently moving to a house very close to mine.. and now we are moving far away from here…

A group of zuper sweet friends who have the same passion as mine : Cooking and Eating! We call our group “Food Lovers”… We are from Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Lithuania, Rumania, Brazil. You guys are toppertje! Our friendship is beautiful!

A very dearest friend who make us as the baptist parents for their son. What a blessed. They always support me sinceΒ I was an innocent student in Nijmegen until now become a mother of two.

A Latvian friend (yes, it is you whom I talked to!). You are very inspiring to me. When I felt down, I have a voice in my head “What she will do in this situation? She can do it. I can do it too”.

Our sweet friends with 2 boys (who happened never have facebook account..hah!) who live in a very big ship and almost every week we have a playdate.Β I will surely miss that moment.

The conversation group… every Thursday in the library. What I am gonna do without you girls! Always have a great time with you…

Buurvrouwen !! My sweet neighboursssssss… I just love this area where I live. In December we have to pack all of our goodies in the container and ship it to Manila and we will live in this empty house until the day we will fly to Manila. Some of the neighbours let us to borrow their matrass, their chairs, their children toys… so we can at least enjoy our last stay in Zwolle! What a very touching moment… a very beautiful gesture.

My sweet Indonesian friends in Zwolle… 4 single, beautiful, handsome, Indonesian people… always have a great time with them… I can be with you guys for more than 14 hours without getting bored.

Indonesian Amsterdamer friend and Purmerend friend.. Thanks for the Zara’s moment.. :-))) Thanks for the honest friendship.

The one and only, someone who said to me like this “if people only rely on Indonesian news, they won’t come to Indonesia. Good news is not a news. Bad news is a good news on TV. So don’t be afraid. Philippines won’t be bad. It will be beautiful country for you.” She said that before I flew there for the pre-visit. You are always a beautiful souls for me.

And the one, the first dutchie girl whom I met in the plane on the way to Holland on 2005, who tought me how to use the train ticket and our friendship are still going until now.. 2005-2016! 11 years… Hope you will visit us πŸ™‚

Our dear gastouder… you give a beautiful memories to our children…

To a friends who knows my struggle on my driving exam and course! Cheers… Hope we can eat ayam penyet together before I move.

and… to you, who has a beautiful son! He might not recognize his name now.. but I have a faith that he will grow up as a strong boy who has a sweet soul.

A new couple who has a distance relationship Leiden-Utrecht and reach a high level of pokemon go… πŸ™‚ wink.wink. cheers.

Ohhh.. gosh.. I never tought I have so many friends… My lists are still very long…

You, all of you.. will always be in my heart.. and also in my whatsapp.. πŸ™‚ My phone number might change but my heart remains the same…

I may not be here when your baby is born.

I may not be here when you have an open house.

I may not be here when you have your next job.

I may not be here when you are pregnant.

I may not be here when you are maried.

I may not be here when you need me.

but.. I’m still your friend….and just a whatsapp away… πŸ™‚

Still 2,5 months to go… but this is not a good bye.. this is “Have a great adventure ahead for you and me! and see you again.. in the summer holiday”.





















6 thoughts on “….but I am still your friend.

  1. Ika _ ikonk says:

    im so speechles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a little bit cry on the last read … but right ! This is a new great adventure n never say goodbye to Zwole …


  2. denaldd says:

    Selamat berpetualang di Negara baru Mbak meskipun untuk sementara. Pasti menyenangkan karena banyak pengalaman baru dan belajar banyak hal yang baru. Semoga lancar kehidupan dengan keluarga di sana. Pas banget pas winter pindah ke Filipina hehe. Heel veel succes!


  3. Only Good Food says:

    Mbak sekar aku moco tulisanmu yg ini kok sampe mrimbik mrimbik.. I have tears on the side of my eyes for you.. But it’s not a sad tears, it’s tears of joy !! I’m so happy with your new coming adventure, your beutiful soul and smiles will keep you safe and loved anywhere you go. Knowing everything will be taken care when you and your family reside in Manila for 3 years ease my worry. Like you said, you just have to start again !! Build up your new empire of friendship and hopefully you can start up your catering there too, starting with expat community first and then slowly introduced it to your neighbors πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I know Phillipinos are not a big fan of Indonesian food, I have few Phillipinos friends in Australia and they honest about their taste bud regarding our food. But.. If you can make invention, somehow customise your food to suit their taste.. You might win the market πŸ˜‰

    I have a rather sad news.. We won’t be last 6 months in Bali, my husband facing some difficulties in his business in Melbourne so we have to come back home (Australia) at the end of this month 😒

    Anyway, at least we know you not on the other side of the world, and it’s not impossible to meet up in Bali or Melbourne at some stage 😘

    Hugs and kisses for our beloved tante Sekar, Luc, Mas Daniel and Willem from Archie and I 😘😘


    • Sekar Nareswari says:

      Hehehe… I hope I can start up a new empire of friendship there.. πŸ™‚
      That’s my plan.. to learn Asian culinary and make Asian fusion recept for my catering… πŸ™‚
      Ah yeee… that’s not a good news.. I hope Australia gives you guys more hope than before.. and hopefully we can meet up again!

      Love from us to you and Archie!! Xx


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