My blog through my eyes

Today I get my first assignment from #blogging101 that is conducted by The Happiness Engineers from wordpress @michelleweber @simplysaru and @chrissiepollock. The assignment is actually consist of 2 simple questions : “Who I am” and “Why I’m here?”.

I read this after convincing myself that my sons won’t wake up in 10 minutes because you need stay focus while reading an important assignment. After reading it, my sons woke up and had to bring them to school… and surprisingly my mind still stay focus in this assignment… I keep thinking “Why I’m blogging?” when doing grocery shopping, playing with the youngest, preparing the lunch… and now I’m sitting here and writing and wondering..


I’m a reader. I’m a thinker.

I think about everything. I read about everything. I combine both of them and most of the time I find a new explosion in my head… Eureka!! A new perspective of life….

…and that perspective has to be written. If I don’t write it.. I feel so irritated. I will think about it over and over, days by days, weeks by weeks. I have to write. But, where I have to write? In a blog? Really?

It is scare me a little when I start my blog in 2012. I will publish my thought… How scary is that? People will see me, my brain, my opinion, my thought. There will be no barrier between my opinion and my readers’ opinion… I can’t lie, I can’t hide.

I always feel that writing is all about being naked.

You are who you are when you write.

You can not lie.

You become the true you when you write.


That’s how I see myself… I need to write, I need to share my thought.. It’s scary but it is also beautiful because I can be honest about my life, my perspective and how I see life.

I gain happiness after writing. I feel empowered. It gives me energy…


It feels good to share what is in my mind….

Especially when my readers said that my writing gives them new idea, new perspective about life. That makes me happy. Sharing is celebrating. I share about my life because I celebrate life. My blog is my own celebration of life.


Sekar Nareswari


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