Typical Indonesian gathering (in The Netherlands)

Last weekend I was in Den Haag for having a lunch together with my Indonesian friends. There were 16 of us. We had lunch in Kee Lun restaurant in chinatown. It was super gezelling (fun and great).

At the end of the day, when I was home, my husband asked “so, what you guys talked about during the gathering?”. I was like “hah… hmmm.. what we were talking about actually..hhmmm..you mean.. is it like what kind of discussion we had during lunch?”. He said “yes.”… and I was like again “I don’t think we have any discussion…”. Then.. I was in silent and then replied “We have a typical Indonesian gathering anyway… it is called makan-makan!”

What is typical Indonesian gathering :

1. FoodΒ 

We love food. The best people is people who love food. We are adventurous with taste. So we don’t mind to order new food that we never eat before. Let’s say we never “play safe” with taste. Last weekend we didn’t think too long when we ordered the food… The discussion we had is “We order 2 or 3?” and the rest replied “threeee just three….. we will finish it anyway!!” or ‘We order this one or this one?” and the rest replied “both! ordered both! both are delicious!”.

We gave our order list to the waitress and the waitress reacted “Are you sure? You order three for this veggies menu, this is too much”… Of course we ordered three!! She was surprised and said that the particular dish is served in big portion. So we changed, we just order 1 but we added 2 new dishes. So basically it was the same size and amount. πŸ™‚


All of those dishes were served for 7 women. πŸ™‚ We ate all of them in less than an hour. After that… we still ordered some dishes…


When there are at least 2 Indonesian, there will be a very good food served! When my Indonesian friend will visit me, I will cook a lot and we will enjoy our food while having a good conversation… including talking about food. πŸ™‚

2. The Talk

Basically when we have a gathering with many people, we only want to have a good laugh together. Laughing out loud is a typical Indonesian ambient when we meet up together. It doesn’t matter only 2 or 3 people. We don’t discuss heavy stuff, we even don’t talk about our daily life like “how’s your children?”, “how’s your holiday?”… We just make a joke almost about everything.. have a very light conversation that will be twisted and turned into a joke and everybody will laugh (out loud).

Almost there is no pause moment without laughing. We are talking and also we are eating… and we are also talking about the food that is served “Hmmm.. this is delicious!”, “wow!! how this is cooked anyway? it is so soft.”, “ahhh this is delicious but this dish is more delicious in the other restaurant.”, “you can find this ingredient in that shop.”… so on and so fort. The talk is always light, easy and everybody can follow the conversation…it doesn’t matter where you come from. We are good at building a conversation.

When we meet up with people from another country or from another community, it is not difficult to build a casual conversation that makes them feel in inner circle. Even betweenΒ a very close friends, when we are going out… we won’t talk too much about our daily life. We prefer to have a light conversation that is lead to “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud). A good meeting up, a good atmosphere have to have a lot of LOL.


This us, before the food is coming.


…and that is me, when the food is coming! :-)))

So, what is typical Indonesian gathering? There are only 2 important ingredient…

A good food and a good laugh! πŸ™‚ guarantee!

Especially when we live so far away from our home country. When we meet up, we just want to have a good laugh… It re-charges our soul. πŸ™‚

*For the all my friends in the pictures !!

Β  Thank you guys!! It was super fun meeting up!!Β 

Β  Always fun, always happy to see you guys. Xxx


Cheers from the upper-side town of The Netherlands,

Sekar Nareswari


6 thoughts on “Typical Indonesian gathering (in The Netherlands)

  1. adhyasahib says:

    emang seru banget ya mbak kalo ketemu teman2 seperjuangan dari negera sendiri, ngobrol dan becandaannya lebih asik dan nyambung, waktu di italy aku punya sahabat orang philiphine sering ngobrol dan becandaan bareng tp kurang cucok ketawanya kurang puas,beda kalo ngobrol dan becandaan bareng ma orang indonesia pasti nyambung dan lancar jaya πŸ™‚


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