Is the Dutch stingy ?

This is really a stereotype of Dutch people…

When people knew that I’m married a Dutchman, they looked at me…like “are you sure? they are stingy”.

Are they stingy ?

People judge others are stingy or not based on several things that they see on others, for example :

1. How they spend money

People tend to say that others are not stingy when they spend money like crazy… even if actually they spend it over their budget.

Also when people say “I don’t like discount stuff… it’s cheap…” then people tend to assume that they are not stingy.

What Dutch people do ?

They love discount and…there are discounts everywhere… not in the same places but yes… when you look carefully then you will find a lot of discounts everywhere… (almost) every time. Trust me.. I buy the pampers for Daniel with the brand “pampers” not because we are loaded by money but because we are (oh…I am) waiting for the discount in several shops that is frequently always giving discounts.

People tend to buy groceries not all in the same places but in some places… for example, I buy veggies in Lidl, then I buy chicken and beef meat in turkey shop which is cheaper and good fresh taste and I buy pork meat in whatever I can find, most of the time in spaar supermarkt (which is super expensive but very close to my home)… because different shops offer specialities. Well, I do it since a few weeks ago… before I didn’t do it… then I asked some friends what is their tips on spending money.

So… are Dutch people stingy then ?

But wait… I will tell you one thing..

They love insurance. They pay a lot of money on insurance and there are so many different types of insurance.

Believe me… there is an insurance for you if you are in a situation when you spill out the wine on your friend’s coach or when you child accidentally kick his ball through your neighbour window.

They also have to pay a lot of taxes and a very high one. The taxes is vary based on your salary…. it can be very very high…like more than 50% of your salary.

They also donate a lot of money. in 2013, The Netherlands is on number 4th where the people is very royal on giving donation.

Are they stingy ?

2. How they spend money on food or how they serve food for the guests.

This is a very tricky situation based on culture.

In my culture, when the host has a lot of leftovers food, that means the host is not stingy… it is a good thing.

Then if I become the host, I have to provide a lot of foods, more than the amount of the guests. Seriously.

When my brothers got married and gave more than 500 invitation, he had to serve more than 1000 packs of food with more than 10-15 menus. Unbelievable…

Off course, a lot of leftovers, but people saw that as a good things. “Ah good… then the host provide enough food for everybody”.

We were married in The Netherlands so we didn’t experience this situation.

The meaning of “enough food” is totally different.

One time I invited some Indonesian friends in my house for lunch, I bought some meats that I thought “ok… no one will eat everything I serve…”

I invite 7 people so I bought around 10 beef meats, 14 chicken meats, veggies, snacks, etc. I cooked 5 menus.

“It is enough… I don’t want many leftovers.” that was I think.

My good friend from Indonesia came to my house when I started cooking, and his first reaction was “whattt ! you only serve this much?? You are so Dutch! you should by more!”. Ok then I followed his advice, we bought more. At the end, a lot of leftovers but for him, that was a good thing.

Two weeks ago, I invited 8 Dutch people in my house for dinner. I cooked. I served not too much. It was enough for everybody. There was no leftovers. Everything was finish. No one complained. Everybody got their stomach full and happy. That was a good thing.

If I go to my Dutch friend house and she has 4 guests, she will serve enough food for everybody, not too much, not too little. Sometime, it can be too simple for some people from another country… or too little. but Dutch people won’t complain over food. At least I never heard about it.

People eat what the host serve. People drink what the host serve.

What is most important is people have a good times. That’s a good thing.

Are they stingy ?

3. The second stuff or the second hand clothes.

People tend to give their old clothes or stuff to their friends or others people who need it more. We gave some of our stuff to other people as well. Why throw or keep it if we don’t need it ?

Sometimes people also sell it or give it to the secondhand shop. People buy it. I buy it too. I don’t want to waste my money on something that I can buy it cheaper from someone else and the quality is still good.

Some friends and relatives gave me their old children clothes for my son and also gave so many olds (not too old) toys for my son. I find it kind and sweet. They think about me.

Are they stingy ?

A good friend of mine, who has Nederlander husband, ever said to me like this “The language and the bureaucracy in this country is so difficult, that’s why Nederlander man is not that difficult”.

Honestly… I find that statement is true. At least in my provincies. I don’t know how is thing going in another provincies.

People don’t bother much about small things, especially about status, prestige, branded stuff, looking rich or famous, expensive stuff… no one cares. Everybody rides a bike, everybody pays taxes, everybody has equal rights and obligations, everybody follows the same rules, everybody treat everyone the same, even the Prime Minister rides a bike to his office.

No one cares when you have a very high salary and your son wears 50% discount shoes.

No one cares when you bring a very expensive bag.

Even sometimes I feel that they are not easy on taking compliment…

“Oh…what a nice shirt”… They won’t reply “thanks”…if the shirt is expensive they will say “ahhh… this is discount in this shop…bla bla bla….thanks”.

or… I say “what a nice bag”…They will automatically reply ” Your bag is also pretty!”

No one cares when you serves only 5 cakes for 5 guests, as long as it is “gezellig”… (meaning cozy and warm situation). If you ask for more cakes…they will give, simple as that.

What they care are…when you don’t obey the rules or being anti social, can’t be in the queue or treating the waitress very bad.

Are they stingy ?

I find them as having an efficient attitude almost toward everything, as simple as that.

Why make our life more difficult if you can make it easier…because the government already make a very difficult Β system toward everything (which is for the good purpose).

well… maybe that’s what people think.

My husband ?

He is definitely not stingy. Β πŸ™‚


We were tired after a long walk and decided to have a cup of hot choco and brownies.. People don’t spend a lot of money on eating in restaurant but spend more money on drinking coffee together with friends or family.


My son celebrated his 2 years old birthday in the day care… As you can see… no overloaded cakes… πŸ™‚ just a small pieces of tart was enough and also a goodie bag. πŸ™‚ simple yet fun !


As you see in the picture, every kids got only 1 piece of tart during my son birthday.. also a little bit of snacks..and no one complain.. that also happen in every kids birthday..The most important thing is “the gezelligheid”… the comfort and cozy situation and that is not based on how much food you serve. πŸ™‚


The very best greetings from us ! πŸ™‚ Xxx


9 thoughts on “Is the Dutch stingy ?

  1. denaldd says:

    Ini juga yang dipertanyakan beberapa teman ketika mereka mengetahui aku nikah sama lelaki Belanda. “hati-hati lho,mereka pelit”. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, aku membuktikan, mereka bukan pelit. Tetapi menggunakan dan membelanjakan uangnya berdasarkan kebutuhan, bukan keinginan. Jadi sesuai takarannya, ga berlebihan. yang menurutku itu bagus malah. Sesuai ceritamu diatas πŸ™‚


      • denaldd says:

        Aku baru sadaarr… Ternyata aku belum permisi sama yang punya blog hahaha main komen aja. Maaff hihiihi… Salam kenal ya Sekar *Boleh langsung panggil nama kan? :). Panggil aku Deny saja. Setelah aku ingat2, ternyata aku pernah baca komenmu di grup ad appel pas lulus inburgeringsexamen. Selamat yaa πŸ™‚ Nanti aku boleh yaa nanya2 ttg ujian itu ^^


      • Sekar Nareswari says:

        hihihi gak papa Deny… πŸ™‚ tinggal dimana skrg ? di Belanda kah? ahhhh ok.. sama2 anggota milis ad appel ya… iya tanya2 aja gpp.. kapan mau ujian? πŸ™‚ salam kenal ya.


      • denaldd says:

        Sekarang masih di Surabaya. Masih menyelesaikan kuliah. Insya Allah akhir January sudah berangkat karena mvv juga sudah dapat, dan bulan depan juga sudah lulus πŸ™‚ Nah, itu nanti masalah ujian aku nanya2 ya. Mau ambil A2 atau NT2. Minta pertimbangan dan masukan hehehe


  2. nyonyasepatu says:

    3. The second stuff or the second hand clothes.

    yang point no 3 ini aku paling setuju deh πŸ™‚ kalau bisa belanja di flea market pasti seneng banget, masalahnya di Medan susah dapetnya hiks. btw salam kenal ya


  3. Catrin Siregar says:

    Wat een leuk artikel!
    Ik moet eerlijk toegeven dat ik aanvankelijk dacht dat de Nederlanders inderdaad “stingy” waren, maar naarmate ik hen beter kende, ontdekte ik dat hun manier van geld uitgeven eigenlijk niet verkeerd was. Zij hebben een verstandige manier om geld uit te geven! Ik heb veel van hen geleerd.

    Groet uit Heerhugowaard.


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