What to expect when you are expecting… in Zwolle. :-)

My belly is now slightly bigger. I gain 0,5 kg since 5,5 months ago but my belly seems like a small size of watermelon. πŸ™‚

I’m carrying almost 6 months old baby in my belly. The due date is at the end of January.

This is my second pregnancy but this is my first pregnancy in The Netherlands. I know what I’ll get through until the baby push and push from inside because he wants to go out… but I don’t know what I expect when I’m expecting in Zwolle.

The first time I knew that I was pregnant it was in the 6th weeks. We call the general doctor to know what step we have to take. When we are sick or we need health advices, we go first to the general doctor. That’s the procedure. We can not go just directly to the specialist.

The doctor said that we can go to the midwives center for the first check up, which was in the 8th week. I think it goes to everyone. We have the first check up when it is the 8th weeks and every pregnant mother go to the midwives for the check up instead of the gynaecologist except when she has problems with the pregnancy.

It’s not like in Indonesia that we can go immediately to the gynaecologist for checking up our pregnancy and she/he will handle our pregnancy until the labour day. Nope. The midwives will take care our pregnancy until the labour day and we won’t be handled by one midwife from the start since the labour, but by someone who is available at that time. I feel like “hah… how come?”

What I realize is the technology and standard operation procedure in the Netherlands is very smart. The questions that every midwife asked me is based on S.O.P and the question is very detail. While they ask, they also type it down so every midwife who check me can read what is the previous assessment. They ask a detail health history from me, my husband and both family. This information will automatically goes to the hospital and echo center or every where that is needed. Amazing technology and attitude.

I never get that kind of questions from my doctor when Daniel was in my belly. I just have to rely on my gynaecologist and trustedΒ her completely. I just had to say what I feel every time I did the check up and she listened, that’s all. If any bad things happen, she did further examination. If there was nothing wrong, there was no detail health question about me, my husband and both family. So there was no official health record, just a hand writing from the doctor. So, choosing the right doctor whom giving me a good feeling is very important part in Indonesia. While in here, that’s even doesn’t matter. I even still don’t remember any midwives’ name who has ever checked me. πŸ™‚ but I trust the procedure and the equipment, yes and also their expertise but I really can’t choose “ohh.. she gives a better feeling, can I choose her as my midwife until I do the labour?”… Simply can not.

Both give advantage and disadvantage, I don’t care much as long as my pregnancy is healthy and happy.

But…there is one advantage to be pregnant here that I can’t find it in Indonesia.

We can make appointment a month before including what time we want to do the check up. When I arrive right on time, they are ready for me. I’m so happy. It doesn’t waste my time just to wait in the queue and waiting for more than an hour… and sometime an “important” people is passing by my queue and I can’t do anything about it. Sometime I have to wait more than 2 hours because the doctor is late… but if I leave the queue, another person will take my number. I love to make appointment in here ! Everything is just so organised and it doesn’t waste my time. No one is late and when they can not make it, they will call a day before. Splendid !

What I also didn’t get in my first pregnancy was The Combination Test. It is a test to check whether the baby in my belly has down syndrome and any other dysfunctional or not. We should take the test before 14 weeks. The test was simple and fast. It was first the blood test and the second one was a detail echo examination. My baby passes the test ! He is perfectly fine ! πŸ™‚ Thank God. That was the first time I felt so relief “fyuihhhh”…everything is great ! I can tell the world that I’m pregnant… πŸ™‚

Yes, it is a baby boy! πŸ™‚

I always imagine that my children are 2 boys and it is a miracle that happen. I don’t know why, it is kinda cute to see 2 brothers love and care to each other.

Daniel is now 21 months old. He will be 2 years old in November. He is now able to make sentence with 4 words. He speaks dutch and some words in indonesian. I speak most of the time in dutch and I speak indonesia when he is about to sleep in the night and when he wakes up in the morning, the rest of the day, we speak in dutch to each other.

This baby boy in my belly is 22 weeks old. He will see the world at the first time in 29th January 2015, by then Daniel is 2 years and 2 months. I’m so excited and so happy. I feel more relax and easy going in this second pregnancy. I’m still biking everyday, I do every household chores everyday (Luc helps me a lot!), I study 3 times a week, I do cursus and active in taalcafe program and always try to join many activities that can increase my dutch language ability and off course always happy busy with Daniel. I feel more alive. My husband and my son are my guardian angel. They really help me and support me with their love. Off course there were times that I felt physically so tired and my legs cramps and almost crying because so tiring but that time always passed by.

When people ask “with your second pregnancy and with all your busy day… how you feel?”

I always reply “as long as we have a family who love us and we love them back, we will be happy and feel blessed”.



Sekar Nareswari-Steenwelle




I do selfie with my 22 weeks belly. πŸ™‚ It feels good !









I still do biking everyday… πŸ™‚

Daniel is holding the ballon as if that is the most precious toy he has ! πŸ™‚ cute!








Luc and I when we had a date, just the two of us, in Rijk museum Amsterdam. πŸ™‚










Warm Greetings from The Steenwelle.




20 thoughts on “What to expect when you are expecting… in Zwolle. :-)

  1. yayangneville says:

    Ahhhh selamat, ikut bahagia bacanya.
    Pengalamanku dulu waktu hamil, begitu tahu hamil berdasarkan test pack yg beli dari apotek, suami malah langsung cek di internet, bidan mana yg paling dekat dgn rumah, dia ga bawa ke huisart dulu, malah langsung telpon bidan buat bikin jadwal kontrol. Walau akhirnya aku ditangani oleh dokter kandungan, awalnya krn tidak sengaja aku datang ke huisart karena pilek, dokter bilang sebetulnya take perlu ke dokter klo hanya pilek saja, tapi aku jelaskan bahwa aku hamil dan mualnya ga hanya pagi saja tapi sepanjang hari sampai malam sebelum tidur juga, muntah setiap hari. Dan dokter langsung echo perutku, dan tralaaaa ada dua bayi😁. Di hadapanku juga dia telpon bidan (aku baru sebulan bersama bidan) yg merawatku, bahwa aku akan dirujuk ke rumah sakit dan akan ada dibawah pengawasan dokter kandungan. Simple dan kemudian semuanya sudah terjadwal dengan baik.
    Walau aku punya pengalaman ‘menyeramkan’ paska melahirkan, tapi aku bersyukur berada dalam pengawasan yg maksimal dalam segalanya. (Yg aku ceritakan juga di blogku…. ‘Tragedy of giving birth ‘)


      • Sekar Nareswari says:

        hallloooo mbakkkk !! wuihhh pengalamannya seruuuu hehehe mendebarkan… so far enjoy banget mbak hamil disini.. kehamilan kedua sepertinya lebih ringan rasanya.. padahal tanpa bapak ibu hehehe… terima kasih ya mbak sharingnya.. πŸ™‚ fijn weekend ! xx


      • yayangneville says:

        Hi Sekar….
        Betul walaupun jauh dari ibu ayah ga akan terasa Berat, karena inilah keluarga kita, disini…. So enjoy your pregnancy, that’s imaging experience! Bagituku hamil, melahirkan, jadi ibu adalah karunia terindah……😍😍😍😍


  2. mamakarti says:

    Waaa…seneng banget denger ceritanya! Keren banget ya sistem penanganan medis disana…ayem tentrem tenan : ), dan…seru banget ya bisa banyak aktivitas smbil hamil & ngopeni daniel juga…superrr mom! Aku ikut jejakmu…: )


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