After 32 years having “a complicated” relationship, now I begin to have a strong nice bond with the SUN !

I often get a question “that must be a very nice weather in Indonesia, not cold like in here” or “nice and warm today but not as nice as in Indonesia, isn’t it”…

I always reply “when you live in an island where the sun shine almost 365 days a year with around 34 – 36 degrees everyday…you will find this 20 degrees wether is soooo…sooo nice and warm. 34-36 degrees everyday is not so lekker (nice)”

Living in Indonesia, a tropical country, where the fashion trend is only summer and when it is raining season you just have to bring umbrella because the heat is the same…super hot, gives me the feeling that the sun and I are not really a good friend.

It just gives me sweat and makes me so annoyed because I can not play outside with my son during the day, I can not go walking and biking during the day, and mostly I do everything inside the building / house.

It is not nice at all having the sun everyday on top of our cloud…well no clouds also (maybe). it gives me the tendency to get angry easily and faster… and give the tendency to work slowly than when I’m in Holland.

The sun in Indonesia is not having the same “bright” as have in here, in The Netherlands.

After experiencing the winter, the sun begin to give his warmth (ya, I call the sun : him). He shines earlier and earlier and fall down later and later.

What I notice… people surround me, my neighbour, the people who walk, the staff in the supermarkt, they also warmer and warmer… I mean friendlier.

“Goedemorgen mevrouw” or “vrolijk kindjes” when my son smile to them, and still many examples shows that the sun gives a warm feeling.

I also feel the same.

After feeling so cold in the winter, then the sun shines through your window, your heart smile and you love the day immediately.

Then when the clouds are coming, the sun hides… you feel “aahhhh… gloomy”.

It is really fascinated me that the sun can gives such a beautiful feeling. I almost never had that in Indonesia. What I always feel is “damnnn it is too hot! better stay inside.”

In Zwolle, or the rest of Holland, when the sun shines, people go out and dress up with a colourful clothes… very trendy, very fashionable… so nice to see that !!

The shoes stores display more and more sandals and flats shoes or an open high heels shoes with more colours.

and… people bike slowly ! I love it.

In the winter, people tend to bike just for the sake “I want to arrive faster because it is so damn cold”. Me too. Who wants to enjoy the cold of the winter?

In the summer or spring, people bike and enjoy the shines of the sun with a smile… Me too. πŸ™‚

and… people spend more money ! πŸ™‚

Because people go out more, enjoy the day… what they do? They do go to the shop, with a good feeling.. a smiling heart.

…and ? for sure, almost everything they touch it seems like “it is a good idea to buy this”.

I do that. πŸ™‚ It is a good feeling to do shopping when the sun shines…

Based on that fact that I create myself, I wonder maybe thats’s why people in Indonesia are very known of being consumptive.

Because the sun is too hot, we like to go out to the shopping mall, basically we don’t want to stay at home because it’s too hot.

When we go out, we feel more relax… and when we are relax and happy, we tend to buy more. πŸ™‚

Therefore blame the sun for making Indonesia as a huge market in this whole wide world. But it is, the sun plays a magic role into your feeling. πŸ™‚

How’s your “sun” today ? Makes you angry or makes you happy ?


Groetjes from Zwolle,



This is my son while feeding the sheep…. when the sun shines. πŸ™‚



…and this is my son when he was in Indonesia, in the supermarkt… look at the clothes he wore. πŸ™‚ This was when the sun shines!!


and.. this is us ! πŸ™‚ with a big smile because the sun shines…nice and warm. πŸ™‚ have a great day… Xx.


6 thoughts on “After 32 years having “a complicated” relationship, now I begin to have a strong nice bond with the SUN !

  1. dellyryv says:

    Hari ini Indonesia…Semarang khususnya…38 derajat celcius ajah…cukup buat saya cepat naik darah…hmmm 😜😁


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