Which city is my home ? Semarang or Zwolle ?

Sometimes I wonder where is my home now. If a home is about “state of being” then I will always feel home whenever I’m with my husband and son. But I also felt homey when I was in Indonesia for 6 weeks holiday, my husband was with us for 2 weeks then had to work.

Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating my mind when I say “My home is Zwolle” because I’m Indonesian, I should say that my home is Indonesia, isn’t it. But deep inside my heart I feel homey when I’m in Zwolle, The Netherlands. I know it is not a big deal for some people.. but for me, I want to make it clear to my heart…because I think “a home” means one place, right ? or it can be two places ? I’m not too serious thinking about it because I feel so wonderful about Zwolle and Semarang… those both places are enchanting for me.



You feel home when you know exactly what to expect… especially when you meet people you like ! πŸ™‚

That was taken in front of my brother’s office.



You feel homey when you have food that really can make your belly happy ! πŸ™‚

That was papaya leaves, sambal and fried chicken…oh yeah and rice.



Guess what ! I also really miss haapjes (snack/appetiser) when I was in Indonesia.

This delices…. can give a smile to my face. It’s so lekker ! Well I didn’t make those snack.. Our good friends who lives nearby who made that… πŸ™‚


Whereas meeting up with a lot of people you love.. I also miss to have a quiet moment biking with Daniel. Just the two of us without feeling worried about the weather, the traffic, etc.


I missed a lot of things about Semarang when I’m in Zwolle and I miss a lot of things about Zwolle when I was In Indonesia.

I remember after 24 hours trip, 18 hours in the plane with my son, when the place touched down Schiphol… I was so happy and I shouted “Eindelijk thuis!” (finally home). Some people looked at me with a smile.

When I and my son walked together to the immigration, I sang “we maken een kringetje” with a big smile and said to my son “we zijn thuis, yeay!” (we are home). I felt a burst of happiness but at the same time I was thinking “so Holland is my home or Semarang is my home?”.

Maybe my husband, Luc, is right… “you have 2 homes, schatje”.

Maybe people can have two homes. If it is not about “state of being”, maybe it is about feeling accepted and know what to expect. Then my homes are Semarang and Zwolle.

Which city is your home, dearest friends ?


Groetjes van Zwolle, Xx

Sekar Nareswari



6 thoughts on “Which city is my home ? Semarang or Zwolle ?

  1. slieten says:

    you can definitely have two homes πŸ™‚ I think home is where the heart is, where you feel at ease :-). I certainly have more than one home and am happy about that πŸ™‚


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