I said “I am sick”, he said “you are a little bit sick”, I said “Whatttt!”

Since I and my husband had relationship, those sentences always giving me anxious feeling.

“How come on earth, he said that I’m just a little bit sick? I’m sick”

and.. the other way around…

I said to him that he is sick, he should take a rest and take paracetamol and norit. He replied “no, I’m not sick, I will take more rest only”… that was what he said after vomiting because of diarrhea.

Not mention when our son was sick (in my opinion) and he told his mother “Daniel is a little bit sick”.

Arggghhhh… how come we have such a big different perception on how to rate “a sickness”.

This is important for me to understand because I have the feeling is not just about different opinion. It is more than that.

A few weeks ago I found the answer !

I had a terrible flu 2 weeks ago, it is called winter griep. A flu-cold that occurs during winter.

That was the most terrible cold I’ve ever had in my adult life….

Off course I took paracetamol though I still do breastfeeding. It was unbearable.

I called the doctor and she said that I just have to take long rest… as much as possible.

I didn’t make any argue on that. I follow her advice. She didn’t give me any medicine.

I trust her and I’m fully recovered in 3 weeks… without any medicine other than paracetamol which I just took it in a very limited dosages.

A few days ago, I had conversation with my husband, about how different our perception on how to rate the level of sickness.

This what I remember from him “If our body still can heal our sickness than it is not a heavy sick”

Voila !!

This perception is what I never have in my entire life ! What I know since I was kid is “you are sick ? let’s go to the doctor.. something is not right with your body”

No, it’s not about the doctor. No. It’s bigger than that.

My culture taught me that being sick is a medical condition !!

While my husband’s culture taught him that being sick is a natural condition !!

Those 2 different lines give us a huge different perception.

Now, I get it.

When I feel sick, I begin to think about medicine, hospital, doctor, nurse, feeling so sick.

When he feels sick, he begins to think about it’s just normal, it will heal itself, I just have to take a rest and take more fruits.

At the end, we can recover… same result but different perspective.

I need to understand this for my son because he will live with Dutch culture…

When he is sick, I have to be a smarter mom to know what is actually happened and act wiser (by that is calling my mother in-law or sister in-law)…. well maybe I will still go to the doctor a.s.a.p when I feel that Daniel is really in pain… like a month ago that we went to emergency room at 4am. But at this moment, everyone is happy and healthy.

Have a good health everyone !! Xx.


8 thoughts on “I said “I am sick”, he said “you are a little bit sick”, I said “Whatttt!”

  1. ladeva says:

    Aku ngalamin hal yang sama kayak Sekar. Jadi kalau aku sakit, aku dulu langsung minum obat tapi sejak nikah, Suamiku ngajarin untuk self healing aja dulu. Istirahat, minum air hangat sebanyak mungkin. Jadi ya…sekarang udah ada titik temunya. Emang penting banget dech ya komunikasi dan saling pengertian di pernikahan…


    • Sekar Nareswari says:

      bener banget mbak… 🙂 komunikasi yang bertujuan untuk saling memahami memang sangat penting didalam pernikahan… Tetep agak susah juga buat saya untuk tidak langsung minum paracetamol kalau pusing banget, mbak… hehehe… harus mengingatkan ke diri sendiri berkali-kali… hehehe.


  2. kartikarani says:

    I think its not only about culture, but more about the perception of Indonesian doctors, which typically influenced by american “healing style” ( in my opinnion), where we should take medical treatment for little sickness. But that just my conclusion from watching “the doctors” tv show, maybe you see it also.


  3. yayangneville says:

    Dari situ kita jadi belajar tidak panik jika anak kita sakit. Calm calm walah hati menjerit memeriksa suhu anak yg udah mencapai 40 derajat tapi blm dibawa ke huisart juga krn panasnya belum lebih dari 3 hari, duuuhhhhh 😉


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