How enough we should be ?

Recently I know a girl, who thinks that her attitude is never pleased anyone. The other way around, people around her, think that she is a girl who demands a lot from others which she never give it back in return.

In this case, people think that she’s not mature enough and she thinks that other isn’t enough kind for her. An enough is always be a measurement to appraise others.

Is she/he enough ? This is what most of the time happen to us.

If an enough will please others, how enough we should be ?

We always deal with other perceptions about us. We are also having a perceptions about others. Something in the middle that makes a relation is enough to continue or we aren’t enough “click”.

Like it or not, sometimes we live in a situation that isn’t not “click”, not enough to continue but we stuck on that situation. How we should do ?

Instead of angry and accusing people isn’t enough for us, why we don’t ask ourselves “how is enough for them?”

But, what if we don’t like the answer ?

“How enough we should be?”

Enough is a perception. Their “enough and our “enough” can be totally different. It doesn’t mean bad and good, wrong and right but it’s just different.

How to make 2 different opinion of enough into 1 same opinion ?

Yeah, the only thing we can do… sorry to say for those who don’t like to do it… It’s communication.

Act like you don’t care is making it worse.

How enough we should be ?

We are enough if we have courage to communicate what is our enough and what is your enough. At the end, it’s not about us… it’s about others as well. If we think that others aren’t not enough then we should think that we aren’t not enough for them as well. :-) A human being is consist of heart, mind and soul that always change, always growing, always demanding, always hungry for developing… it’s never remain the same. It’s not like a fix thing such as water, sand, tomatoes, clothes with a fix measurement, we can say enough with it.

It’s us. Then just accept. How enough we should be ? Never enough.

How enough we should be ? Never say enough because you deal with others. Once you say enough, means you stop to deal with others and with yourself also.

I don’t say that’s we should not feel satisfy… I say that just accept that (maybe) we just never enough to others or to ourselves. C’est la vie ! That’s life.


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